HOA Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 1   November 2004

Christmas Decorating Contest
Pull out your Christmas lights and reindeer and become the best decorated yard in the subdivision. This year the HOA is sponsoring a Christmas decorating contest. The yards will be judged by three separate community leaders in Smyrna unaffiliated with our subdivision. The judging will take place after December 13th and winners will be notified by December 20th. There will be a first, second, and third place winner. The prizes will be a 50.00 gift certificate to a local restaurant for first place and 25.00 for second and third. We hope everyone participates and joins in on the fun


The HOA is not just made up of the board members but every home owner. We would like as much involvement as you have time for. We realize that everyone is busy but it would not take much to help better our community. We would like to see new and better things for our neighborhood in 2005. Would you like to join a committee, design a newsletter, or welcome new homeowners?? The list is endless and we need you. Feel free to contact any board member with your ideas or email Mike Woods with Gasser Property Management. We would love to hear from you.

Do you know???
Do you know who your HOA is being managed by?

Gasser Property Management
P. O. Box 1238
Nolensville, TN 37135-1238

Do you know who your Board members are?

Brian Wilcox- 107 Yocum Drive
Gina Wilson- 316 Ella Street
Mike Cross- 209 Hunters Chase
Marla Sharp- 315 Ella Street
Fred Frazier- 305 Hunters Chase

There are quarterly board meetings which are open to all members. Please notify Gasser Property Management of any topics to be placed on the agenda.
February 7th
April 4th
July 11th
October 3rd
All meetings are at the Smyrna Public Library. Dates and meeting place subject to change.

Please remember the following collection policy for the HOA - All fees are due on March 1st and are delinquent after 30 days. It will then be subject to legal action after 90 days.         NO INCREASE IN YEARLY DUES!!

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