HOA Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 2   March 2005

Winners of the Christmas Decorating Contest
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Christmas Decorating Contest. It was very successful, and the neighborhood looked wonderful with all the lights. It was a very difficult decision for the judges. The winners were 311 Hunters Chase and 302 Hunters Chase receiving a 25.00 Logans gift certificate, and 206 Fairfield receiving a 50.00 Logans gift certificate. Thanks again for everyone's participation.

Don't forget that if you are planning any changes on your property, it must be approved by the HOA. Architectural change forms can be acquired from Gasser Property Management.

What is the HOA doing???
What has the association been doing and what is planned??? We have cut down some rotten trees on common property, put wreaths on the entrances for Christmas, sponsored a Christmas decorating contest, and of course taken care of all our common property and playground. The entrance signs are going to be pressure washed for a refreshed, like-new look, and a neighborhood yard sale is planned for the Spring. What ideas do you have??? The board is open to any suggestions that you may have. Just notify Gasser Property.

What happens when dues are not paid?
Unfortunately, paying your dues is not an option. Over the years many homeowners have placed the burden of keeping up the common lots on the rest of their neighbors. The board and managing company are committed to keeping all neighbors accountable. Over the last couple of months, 73 delinquent letters have been sent and 14 liens have been filed. Remember to pay your dues on time and avoid late fees and the cost of removing the lien. If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact Gasser Realty. Thank you.....

Do you know???
Do you know who your HOA is being managed by?

Gasser Property Management
P. O. Box 1238
Nolensville, TN 37135-1238

Do you know who your Board members are?

Brian Wilcox- 107 Yocum Drive
Gina Wilson- 316 Ella Street
Mike Cross- 209 Hunters Chase
Marla Sharp- 315 Ella Street
Fred Frazier- 305 Hunters Chase

There are quarterly board meetings which are open to all members. Please notify Gasser Property Management of any topics to be placed on the agenda.
April 4th
July 11th
October 3rd
All meetings are at the Smyrna Public Library. Dates and meeting place subject to change.

Did you know? There has been NO INCREASE in the HOA dues since the association began 14 years ago. That's unheard of! Thanks to everyone who paid their dues on time.

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