Community History

Hunters Chase Timeline

1990Hunters Chase Homeowners Association is formed.
1991Hunters Chase development opens; in March, Brian and Raylene Wilcox become the first residents.
1994Brandywine Phase I development opens.
1995Brandywine Phase II development opens. goes online!

Smyrna Timeline

1803Constance Hardeman petitions for the creation of Rutherford County.
1820Smyrna Presbyterian Church is organized.
1851Railroad depot on Nashville-Chattanooga line is named Smyrna in honor of nearby church.
1852First Smyrna post office is established.
1855Railroad company buys trackside land to auction; land is now downtown Smyrna.
1863The Battle of Stones River is fought eight miles from Smyrna.
1869Smyrna is incorporated with Joseph Engles as mayor.
1881Smyrna incorporation is revoked by the state of Tennessee.
1882Samuel Hager builds the Hager Cotton Gin.
1905First telephone switchboard is installed in Smyrna.
1908Bank of Smyrna (later People's Bank of Smyrna) is founded.
1913Fire destroys the bank, the livery stable and other buildings in downtown Smyrna.
1914The first annual Smyrna Fair is held.
1915Smyrna gets electrical power and is reincorporated with Dr. J.W. Engles, son of Joseph Engles, as mayor.
1916John Hager, Sr. converts a 1913 Studebaker into the first Smyrna fire engine.
1924Smyrna assesses property tax to support a fire department.
1927Stones River battlefield established as a national park; Sam Davis home is purchased by the state.
1929Smyrna begins paving its streets.
1930Census counts 531 Smyrnæans.
1937Smyrna builds a municipal water system with fire hydrants.
1940Census counts 493 Smyrnæans.
1942Construction of Smyrna air base begins (renamed Sewart Air Force Base in 1950).
1947Sam Ridley elected mayor; served 1947-1987.
1950Census counts 1,544 Smyrnæans.
1957Natural gas lines are connected to Smyrna.
1959First official police car bought by Smyrna officials
1960Census counts 3,612 Smyrnæans.
1965Department of Defense announces closing of Sewart AFB.
1970Sewart Air Force Base closed; census counts 5,698 Smyrnæans.
1980Nissan announces plan to build automobile plant in Smyrna; census counts 8,839 Smyrnæans.
1983First truck rolls off the assembly line of the Smyrna Nissan plant.
1990Census counts 13,647 Smyrnæans.
2000Smyrna changes charter to a city manager form of government; census counts 25,569 Smyrnæans.

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